Understanding customer experience – Karin Nordner

Hello everyone! My name is Karin Nordner and I live in Stockholm. This is my very first blog post ever. It will be quite a new experience to participate in an online course like this. It’s really an opportunity to share thoughts an experiences with professionals all over the world.

I work at the Swedish transport administration at the department responsible for traffic management and traffic information. Our customers are within the society; drivers, travelers and railway companies. Since a few years we have a cooperation with CTF to learn about and develop tools and methods in order to meet the customers in a more service-oriented way. We have made progress but work remains to make us truly customer oriented. I think this course will give me more insight into the importance of understanding customer needs and behavior. I’m particularly interested in public sector experience. Maybe someone out there working in the same area is experiencing the same challenges?





5 reaktioner till “Understanding customer experience – Karin Nordner”

  1. Hi Karin!

    I am not working within the same sector but I think it is very interesting and I am looking forward to follow your reflections related to your industry when continuing with this course. Did you follow this week’s webinar? Any thoughts about customer experience in relation to performance ?
    I think it is an essential and an important topic for the Swedish transport administration!



    1. Hi Sanna! I just saw your comment. Blogging is all new to me…
      Yes, I do followed the webinar last week. It’s quite interesting aspects how experience and expectations affect customer satisfaction. I do agree with you that’s an important topic for the Swedish transport administration. We do perform customer surveys about satisfaction. However, the questions are very much standardized.
      I think we have to deal a lot more with traffic information content and what kind of information citizens need. Cooperation with other parties providing information is another issue, for example railway and bus companies, in order to satisfy the expectations of the end user of the service, the traveler.
      In what sector do you work? It would be interesting to hear about your particular challenges when it comes to responding to customer needs.


  2. Hi! It will be very interesting to get an approach to customer experiences on the public sector, since most of the times they can be classified as monopolistic relationships like the example on tap water. I’m looking forward to read more from your experience.


  3. Hi Karin. I’ m not in the public sector but I hope you didn’t miss the tweetchat and the last webinar. They were interesting. Looking forward for your opinions.



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